Magoosh is a term about the Persian word “Magush”, which means “someone who is very learned, wise and generous”.

The team at Magoosh describes themselves as “a group of educational nerds who help students realize their academic dreams.” If you want to know what your colleagues think about Magoosh GMAT Prep, read our comments on Magoosh under Continued.

In 2008, co-founders Pejman Pour-Moezzi and Vikram Shenoy began to work on the concept of Magoosh, leading the way in the preparation of tests with questions and answers in the community.

In late 2009, they used a preparation platform led by experts rather than a human-led experiment. The company was officially founded.

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Magoosh is a great option for students who want to succeed in GRE. Your subscriptions are highly rated for their first-class learning materials, great customer support, and affordable price. All package options are fully online and can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Questions that you can easily ask in the plan window and to which the tutors quickly responded. The simplified board and user-friendly features and low cost of this product set it apart from the competition.

Please note that Magoosh GRE Prep is one of our affiliated brands. Therefore, you will receive a small commission, which you will receive for free if you choose this preparation course.

We review each course to keep you informed of the pros and cons of each course and hope to find the right course for your needs. Use the links only if you find this test useful. Thank you!

Magoosh is a company that prepares its approvals with an informative blog that offers a free trial of 7 days and several promising warranties for better test results and more effective learning methods.

They also have focused study calendars that determine the best time for a particular student to study, and times that depend on when they are most motivated.

This information will guide the student more effectively during the exam day. We have even compared Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep GRE to help you get detailed insights into these platforms.

Magoosh is the only software that offers such reliable prices. There are many other programs that have very expensive subscriptions and the result is good to compare. Students must prepare for IELTS exams at affordable and affordable prices.

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Tutoring Packages Available At Magoosh | Magoosh Student Discount

Magoosh knows everyone has different learning needs and offers 4 GRE tutorial packages to help him with this task.

1. Each package is charged at an hourly rate, but the more hours you buy, the lower they are. Compared to other preparatory courses, Magoosh is much more flexible and cost-effective than other GRE tutoring concepts.

Here are the Magoosh tutorials (Get 20% with Magoosh Coupon Code Today)

Beginners: Select 2-3 areas where the tutor will focus and cost € 100 for a one-hour tutorial session.
Verbal: verbal tutorials and 4 hours of tutoring for $ 350 ($ 87.50 per hour).

Mathematics – Quantitative / Mathematical course and 4 hours of tutoring for 350 USD (87.50 USD per hour).

Premium: includes the verbal and quantitative sections of the PLUS as well as the qualification and revision of the work. This option costs $ 600 for 8 hours of tuition ($ 75 per hour).

Magoosh Pricing Plans (Verified Magoosh Promo Code)

How much is the Magoosh GRE course? Whatever option Magoosh chooses, you’ll end up paying just a small fraction of what you pay for other courses or similar tutors. Their bonus plans start at just $ 129 and only go up to $ 149. With $ 149.

Magoosh offers the best value of all GRE courses in the market. Magoosh GRE Premium Course (1 month)

  • Price: $ 129

It includes math, oral, and AWA preparation, more than 200 video lessons, more than 1,000 practice questions, up to 3 practice exams, a learning schedule, one month of access, guarantee that your total score will increase by at least 5 points back the money, Predictor Score and e-mail support.

Magoosh GRE Premium Course (6 months).

  • Price: $ 149

Includes math, verbal and AWA preparation, more than 200 video lessons, more than 1000 practice questions, a maximum of 3 practice exams, lessons, and access for 6 months. You guarantee that your total score will increase by at least 5 points or that you will return your money, point predictions, and help via email.